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An E-mail address used to be called an internet address. It’s the same concept as mail you receive at home only that email is electronic and is delivered within seconds of being sent. You can add images, videos plus other documents and files unlike your every day letter. An email is unique and can only belong to one person unless you decide to share it with someone else. For example a postal address which will always be yours unless you share your home with other people. To login to your email account, you’ll require a username and password.

There are plenty of email services you can choose from, including Hotmail and Gmail. But we at Bulamu recommend getting professional email services hosted on our servers. If you use normal free email services like Gmail, your inbox will be filled with advertisements, and your work space clattered with unwanted ads. But if you use email hosting, this is an ad free service which we have designed for small and medium sized business in Uganda. As an added bonus to our email hosting package, we shall offer you storage (10 gb) to store any of your documents, top security to keep your emails safe and secure and also on demand data recovery. Our email hosting service can be accessed used Outlook, Tabs, phones and also a public computer.

Our email services are hosted in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about loss of data. And this ensures 100% uptime.

We at bulamu offer different email hosting packages, and in order for you to access our email hosting services, you need to get (purchase/register) a domain name with us. We shall then park your domain name on our servers and open up any email accounts you need for your company i.e.

Email Hosting

Bulamu also offers business email accounts, we are the only company in Uganda that provide reliable Business class emails which we host on an Exchange Platform, which ensures you receive your emails quickly and swiftly.

So bottom line is , if you’re looking to own a large volume of pop3 email accounts or emails hosted on the exchange platform then please drop in to our offices for a cup of coffee. Bulamu.NET should be your last stop on the hunt for Uganda email accounts companies and also Uganda Hosting.

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Our offices are in Kampala, Uganda. Please get in touch to discuss your project.