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Domain Name Registration – Bulamu.NET

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Services

Domain Registration, Bulamu offers domain registration over phone and email, all you have to do is contact us and ask about the domain name that you require and we shall advise you on what domain name would suit your particular business. We also help you through the whole domain registration process. All our services at Bulamu are business class and shall be happy to let you talk to one of our staff members about your domain registration needs. We never let our clients worry about the technical bit of domain name registration. We shall always call and write to you with reminders to renew your domain name so your beautiful website never goes offline. We are the best domain name registrars in Uganda.


Local Ugandan Domains

A domain name also means website address. This is what people will be using to reach your website, and it’s what you’ll be telling them. We at Bulamu.NET can register any Ugandan or international domains Determining your business’ domain name is a vital part of the “going online” process. You can choose from lots of different extensions for domain names. If you want a domain name then that would be best for a Ugandan company. A local Ugandan Domain Name will be good but a .com domain name is also good. So you have decided you want to buy a domain name. Search for avalaible domains with us. Coming up with a domain name is a very important part when it comes to setting up your online presence. There are loads of extensions of domain names that you can choose from. We offer domain names which is really good for any Ugandan company that wants to be recognised. If you have decided on the domain name you want to register with us, please contact us to see if your domain name is available and we register it.

Over 1000 domain extensions are relevant to the country and organization. If your looking to register with us domain names in kampala, we can provide you with the following domain name extensions like .com,, .net and .org . Each country has it’s own domain name extension like if your in Rwanda and want a domain name, we shall get you .rw and if in kenya you will get .ke . If your need is to register a domain name, then we are the best domain name registrar for you We can also register education “.edu” and government agency domains like .gov.

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