Cinderella is proof a new pair of shoes can change your life. Lets make you a sparkling new website.


Web Design

Great design will always have a positive commercial impact on your business. Our bespoke website design process marries both look and function for an overall successful representation of your organization.

Website Hosting

Host your website on fast SSD powered servers. Create as many business email addresses as you wish easily with the latest cPanel. We are always available on phone and email to support you and for web hosting advice.

Mobile Apps

Bulamu develops mobile apps for Android, IOS & Windows Phone. Our native mobile applications go a step further providing you with analytics and live reports to optimize your app’s impact. We also build back-end management systems for your apps.


Got a project in GIS, eCommerce, Banking, Social Networking, Management Information System or require a custom and tailor made software solution for your organization or new business? We employ a host of localized technologies including Mobile Money, SMS & USSD, VISA & PayPal.


Bulamu.NET is a registered I.T firm in Kampala, Uganda, majoring in website development and design since 2009. We are a team of dedicated and radical minded individuals bent on providing resourceful and professionally designed media for you to reach out to the world.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the advent of the Internet has greatly impacted the way businesses of various categories are run. It has provided a more potent, more adaptable tool for launching your business to a wider audience much faster. However to access that potential… that edge, you need a solid footing on the web; that is where Bulamu.NET comes in.Our intelligent and optimized designs will give you that edge.


A group of tenacious young people somewhere in Uganda realized early in life that they were not fashioned in the ordinary mould. They realized that they were burdened not only with remarkable skills but also a keen ambition. Being Ugandan, they picked a name that means LIFE; Yes, “Bulamu” is LIFE. And they have made I.T their LIFE. Believe it.

Our team is composed of Web programmers, graphics designers, desktop application programmers and copywriters. All our talents in our different spheres are brought to bear in every project that we undertake to ensure that the work we deliver is the very best that our collective efforts can bring into being; can bring to Life.


This list is subject to change; as a self respecting I.T. firm, we ensure that our body of knowledge grows with the times.Bulamu have a great reputation for delivering beautiful brand, multichannel ecommerce platforms. Bulamu specialises in business strategy and business automation providing an enviable arsenal of pre-built and best in class ERP, EPOS, payment gateway, mobile money systems and financial system integrations.

(x)HTML and CSS.
Java - Android, Swift - iOS, C# - WindowsPhone - Native Mobile Apps
Web Application Programming
JavaScript and Ajax technologies.
Extensive knowledge of content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal.
  • WFP
  • Sebalu & Lule
  • Mengo Hospital
  • Onyango & Co Advocates
  • Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda
  • Afrikidz
  • Ubuntu
  • Sinai Dental
  • Gulu & Hirst
  • Kawe Realtors